In Florida, community associations are highly regulated.  For any given legal question, an association may have to look to the Florida Statutes, the Florida Administrative Code, the Association’s governing documents, and a vast body of ever changing case law and arbitration decisions promulgated by the Department of Business and Professional Regulations.  Even the most diligent community association managers and board members can run into complex legal questions with no obvious answer.  We have created this community association law blog- the Condo & HOA Law Bulletin – to help our community association clients and prospective clients with some of the difficult questions that we know you face on a regular basis.

With our extensive experience counseling community associations, litigating community association legal issues and representing both associations and individual homeowners in disputes, we can help you navigate the complex regulations governing your community.  We can help your association solve legal problems so that your board can focus on the community while we focus on the community association law. If you have any questions about our posts or about any issue you are facing with your condominium or homeowners association, please contact us.

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